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Some APIs are fun to explore. Some help you create incredible things. Some even help you solve the toughest information challenges. IDOL OnDemand APIs deliver a wide selection of capabilities, including sentiment analysis, face detection, entity extraction, text indexing, and more – for quick and lightweight integration into your apps. We care about working with Innovators like you to give you the right set of tools to build something amazing with us.

Get your free API Key to become an IDOL OnDemand Innovator and compete in [topcoder] challenges. Let’s explore different ways to accelerate the pace of innovation, together.

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Discover and try our APIs below. Select an API for detailed documentation, view sample request and responses and make actual requests against a sandbox environment.

Format Conversion APIs
Expand Container Extracts the contents of a container file.
OCR Document Extracts text from an image.
Store Object Stores a file.
Text Extraction Extracts text from a file.
View Document Converts a document to HTML format for viewing in a Web browser.
Image Analysis APIs
Barcode Recognition Detects and decodes 1D and 2D barcodes in an image that you provide.
Face Detection Detects faces in an image.
Image Recognition Recognizes a known set of images in an image that you provide.
OCR Document Extracts text from an image.
Indexing APIs
Add to Text Index Indexes a document.
Create Text Index Creates a text index.
Delete Text Index Deletes a text index.
Delete from Text Index Deletes a document from the index.
Index Status Returns index status information.
List Indexes Lists your dynamic datasets.
Search APIs
Find Related Concepts Returns the best terms and phrases in documents that match the specified query.
Find Similar Finds documents that are conceptually similar to your text or a document.
Get Content Display the content of one or more specified documents or document sections.
Get Parametric Values Performs parametric search that combines query text with one more parametric field names.
Query Text Index Searches for items that match your specified natural language text, Boolean expressions, or fields.
Text Analysis APIs
Categorize Document Searches for categories that match a specified document.
Entity Extraction Extracts entities (words, phrases, or blocks of information) from your input text.
Expand Terms Returns a list of matching possible terms for a wildcard, stem, or fuzzy expansion.
Highlight Text Highlights the specified terms in the text you submit.
Language Identification Identifies the language of a piece of text.
Sentiment Analysis Analyzes text for positive or negative sentiment.
Text Tokenization Returns information about the terms in the specified text.
Connectors APIs
Connector Status Returns connector status information.
Create Connector Creates a connector.
Delete Connector Delete a connector.
Retrieve Config Retrieves a connector configuration.
Start Connector Starts a connector.
Update Connector Updates a connector.

How to Get Started

First, you'll need to be a [topcoder] member to participate in our development challenges, so register for a [topcoder] account if you do not have one.

Next, sign up for IDOL OnDemand and specify that you are a [topcoder] member during the process:

Once you've successfully signed up and logged in, go to Your API Keys in the Account section and rename your API Key to "topcoder". This will identify your API calls as part of the [topcoder] program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any demos that I can look at?

Yes! The HP IDOL OnDemand demo gallery showcases the capabilities of the IDOL OnDemand web service APIs and the variety of ways they can be used within your app.

How do I sign up for IDOL OnDemand?

You can sign up for access using these instruction. As a [topcoder] member you'll be one of the first developers to try out IDOL OnDemand web service APIs. You'll also play a pivotal role in adding your voice to IDOL OnDemand product development.

Where can I find the API docs?

You can access the Developer Documentation here. If you are looking for documentation on a specific API, please see the APIs page for more information including request, response and sample code.

If I have challenge related questions regarding IDOL OnDemand, where do I post them?

If you have questions regarding IDOL OnDemand pertaining to any [topcoder] challenges you are participating in, please post them to the discussion forum for that challenge. Developer evangelists for HP will be monitoring these discussions and can certainly help out.

I'm having an issue with one of your APIs. How do I report it?

We are actively looking for your feedback during these [topcoder] challenges. If you run across any issue with one of the APIs, please report them to the dev team.

Is there an API playground where I can experiment with the APIs?

Why yes there is! The IDOL OnDemand site has a super-cool API explorer where you can get more info about each API, view sample request and responses and make samples requests against a sandbox environment.

Where can I find a quick overview of IDOL OnDemand?

The IDOL OnDemand blog has some great articles to get you up to speed quickly. Make sure you check the blog often as content is added frequently.

If I have general questions about the IDOL OnDemand product, where do I post them?

If you questions are more general to IDOL OnDemand as a product, you can post them to the IDOL OnDemand Community Boards.

I have some ideas about IDOL OnDemand. Where do I send them?

If you have any feedback or ideas, we'd love to hear it. You can send them to HP here.